Fruit of Solitude

Random Thoughts #9: Internal Earthquake

I sometimes lie awake at night with the thoughts of him looping in my mind.

My heart would skip a beat, then all at once, rapidly.

It is strong enough to bounce inside my chest and throb in my head.

It is intense enough to cause an earthquake but ironically, it’s just my unshakable feeling towards someone who doesn’t even know that this flow of thoughts exist because of him.



Fruit of Solitude

Before He Exited the World, He Existed.

Today is the 6th death anniversary of my beloved grandpa. My first blog post was a tribute for him. I miss you lolo and until now, I’m grateful for what you’ve done. How much I wish you were here to witness what I do with my life. But even so, whatever I venture in, you’re always in my thoughts, hoping that I’m making you proud. ❤

Fruit Of Solitude

Death is inevitable; and so is pain and grief.

Some of us might realize that one day, our own versions of grief would come haunting us. It could hurtle us off the road, or could permanently injure us. Hearing about someone’s death may somehow affect us whether the deceased was someone famous or someone you personally cared about. The grief and pain that death carries along is always lingering in the corner, simply waiting to be felt. But even then, there are no guidelines on how to feel the grief less.

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Book Review

Book Review: The Queen’s Game by Carla De Guzman

“We go on no matter how much her heart was breaking.”

Goodreads | Kindle E-Book | Paperback

Title: The Queen’s Game

Author: Carla de Guzman

No. of Pages: 114 pages (Kindle Edition)

Genre: Contemporary/Royal Romance

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